Party Trays

(Comes with White Rice)

Almond Boneless Chicken $35.25

Sweet & Sour Chicken $35.25

Cashew Chicken $35.25

Sesame Chicken $35.25

Broccoli Beef $36.25

Pepper Steak $36.25

Cashew Shrimp $37.95

?Kung Pao Chicken $36.25

?General Tso’s Chicken $36.25

?Szechuan Chicken $36.25

Noodles & Rice

Chicken Fried Rice $35.25

Shrimp Fried Rice $37.95

Chicken Lo Mein $35.25

Beef Lo Mein $36.25

?Singapore Noodles $41.75

?Szechuan Lo Mein $41.75

Thai Pad Thai Noodles

?Vegetable $39.25

?Chicken $42.25

?Shrimp $46.25

Designed to serve up to 8, in ready-to-use containers.

Other dishes are also available in party tray portions. Please indicate Mild, Medium, or Hot. If you prefer your food spicy, just ask!